Agile Engineering Assessment at Scale

By Alex Yakyma. 

I had the intention of putting together a consistent assessment of such kind for quite a while. Some topics were part of other assessments, others were just assumed.  Recently though, as I finished working on DevOps article for SAFe, I have decided to finalize this assessment as well. Especially because I could then add a good fresh summary related to the deployment process. So, here it is...

The purpose is to assess program capabilities in the following key engineering/technical areas: Architecture/Design, System Integration, Acceptance Testing, NFR Testing and Deployment. 
It makes sense to use it actually in both program and team environments. Programs need to understand where they are with respect to engineering concerns. But teams actually employ the practices and keep the work flowing, so they need to carefully track where they are as well. It is also useful to look at this assessment as a set of improvement objectives and incrementally work towards accomplishing them. 


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